Monday, April 4, 2011


St. Patrick's Day
 He wouldn't wear green but he let me pain his nails green and put green dye in his milk.
Anneliese had a huge green bruise on her forehead, but we weren't sure people wouldn't pinch her so she put on the lovely green tights.

Spring Break Fun!!
 Ice cream at Arctic Circle after playing at Hollywood Connection.Anneliese at the far end, Sharice, Carlyn, Evynn, Charlie, & Darren.
 Annie reading the map at the Living Planet Aquarium.
 Sitting around the frog at the aquarium.
 Sharice trying to kiss the frog. Just kidding, I made her do it!
 Charlie copying Sharice and looking in the tanks.
 Carisa & Mathew playing at the Children's Museum.
 Charlie being cute!
 Sharice.  Just a big kid.
 Carlyn climbing.
 Jaycie climbing
 Darren at the water center.  He'd stay there all day if I let him.
 Reminds me of the Beverly Hillbillies!
 Carlyn & Evynn playing grocery store.

 Carlyn & Aili built a big tower.
Charlie wanting a turn in the helicopter, the big kids not wanting him to. 

Weight Loss

The first week of January I started a 90 day challenge with my friend Barbara.  She is a lifecoach and consultant for Beachbody (hope I said that right, Barbara.)  Anyway, we aren't quite done, but we're starting another round of 90 days.  Last year I just wasn't ready to lose weight, even though I needed to.  I got my hair cut just after the new year and I looked in the mirror and told myself it was time.  I could do it and I couldn't wait any longer.  I started off gung ho and did really well.  I have continued to do well, but my metabolism slowed after awhile and then we got sick.  I've lost almost 20 pounds in the weeks in about 10 weeks and I'm feeling really good about that.  I'm down 2 pants sizes and I think another very soon.  I had a hard time exercising very well for awhile because I've had lots of headaches, but even if I just do easy exercising, it is better than what I did before.  If I was really brave, I'd post a picture of my in short and a sports bra, but I don't know that I am. lol!  Anyway, I love that I have friends and family who support me in this.  The best reward is honestly feeling better but the absolute best is when my kiddies say, "Mom, can I have an apple?" or something like that instead of asking for a treat!  :)  That's the best!

It is April already?

Back in February I said I was back to blogging.  Well, that lasted about a day. Oh well, here goes.

This last week was Spring Break and I really wanted to go on a vacation, but we couldn't afford that so we did a stay-cation. It worked out very well.  Monday we went to Eureka where we had a certificate for a night's stay to a bed & breakfast.  She happily welcomed our whole family, but I'm so glad that we were the only ones there!  We went sledding on a hill nearby, ate pizza, then watched the newer Parent Trap on her big screen while eating popcorn.  It was so nice and relaxing except that the kids had a hard time settling down for bed. 

We had a nice breakfast the next day then headed home.  Rick worked and the kids and I went to Grandma Potter's to visit.  My mom was there and had two of my nieces, Sharice (15) and Evynn (7).   We spent the day with them and had fun.  Later we went to Grandma Hilton's and got to see my Aunt Rose there too.   My nieces stayed with us the rest of the week. 

Wednesday we went to the Hollywood Connection in West Valley.  It has some rides for kids and mini golf.  It also has skating, which apparently isn't open on Wednesdays.  Oh well, it would have been hard for the little kids anyway.  We had a blast!  Even better though, I got a deal on the tickets so they were $5 a person instead of $20 a person!!  It was so much fun watching all of them, but especially Darren and Charlie.  Darren was scared of every ride until he went once and then it was hard to get him off that ride!  It was the same with sledding, actually.  Charlie didn't really act scared, he'd just hang on tight if he got nervous.  He was mad that he couldn't drive the bumper cars and we went on the carousel about 20 times in a row until I had to get off.  :)  I got sick on the very first ride but I hung in there and played with them the whole time.  Mini golf was hilarious because the kids just cheated their way through the whole thing and went as fast as they could.  I wanted to actually try to golf, but Rick and I took turns with Charlie who kept chasing after everyone's balls and kept picking them up.  Ahhh, good times but I didn't think to take any pictures.

Thursday was no nice and warm I wanted to be outside.  The zoo seemed like a good option, but the kids wanted to go to the Living Planet Acquarium.  The kids won because Rick found $2 off coupon for every person, so that was better.  We went and had a blast.  The kids kept going back to the petting pool.  Even the ones who were afraid of actually touch the sting ray loved the petting pool.  Some favorites were the jellyfish and octopus and definately the sting ray, oh and the scorpions that glowed in UV light were amazing too.  My sister Carisa, her other two, Jaycie & Aili came up along with my brother Mathew late Thursday night.  They stayed at a hotel and we met up the next morning.  

Friday we had lunch at Murray Park enjoying another beautiful day.  Then we went to the Discovery Gateway which is the children's museum here in SLC.  It was a blast.  I'm lazy so the pictures will come in a seperate post, but we had a great time (minus Rick who was working.)  We had dinner at my house then went swimming at the hotel.  After that we had birthday cake for Rick. 

It was a truly wonderful week and I don't know that we could have had more fun for the same cost anywhere else.  It was a blast, but by Saturday I was so glad we just had soccer in the morning and then we could just sit and watch conference. 

Sunday was nice too because even though there was snow, we were able to stay home and I made Rick's favorite meals.  Golden rod eggs for breakfast, BLTs for lunch, and shepherd's pie for dinner. 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bonny's Usborne Books Blog: All the stuff you can get from Hosting an Usborne ...

Bonny's Usborne Books Blog: All the stuff you can get from Hosting an Usborne ...: "I am trying to share these wonderful books with more people and in order to do that, I need to have some Hostesses for parties! When y..."

Thursday, January 13, 2011

"Getting Healthy"

First of all, I hate to say the word "diet."  At the thought of that word I run to the cupboards and eat everything unhealthy and I feel like I'm starving.  I have to admit though that I never actually have dieted.  I know that I could benefit from a healthier lifestyle and I'm willing to try it, but I do have to say that I'm scared and I have some hang-ups. 

I can think up so many excuses why I haven't tried: 
    My thyroid is what contributed to major weight gain in the past and I worry that it will prevent me from losing weight in the future.
    My kids are so little.  I don't have time for me right now.
    I refuse to make 2 separate meals for special diets and my kids are already so picky.
    I can't do it without support and Rick just hasn't worried about his weight.
    I don't have money to spend on equipment, gym memberships, or workout plans.
    I don't have money to spend on expensive foods.
    I'm only 34 and I gained quite a bit of that as baby weight, so maybe it will just come off eventually anyway.

I also know there are many good reasons to be healthy. 
The most important reasons are:
     Rick, Carlyn, Anneliese, Darren, & Charlie!!!  My family needs me to be healthy so I can play more with them and enjoy life. 
    I need to try to prevent other issues (diabetes, heart problems, etc.) that are made worse by being overweight.
    If I eat healthier meals, I can influence my husband and children to eat healthier meals too!
    I don't need expensive meal/exercise plans, memberships, or equipment to start.  I can use what I have to do the best I can.  Its got to be more helpful than sitting here eating cookies! 
    I do have support!  I have a husband who loves me no matter what size I am, but he does want me to be healthy and is even willing to try it with me.

The point is:  my cousin is doing a 90 day health challenge on facebook.  It starts Monday, and if you want details you can ask about it.  One key point of the challenge is accountability.  Keep track of your food intake, water drinking, & exercise.  I realize that while my starting out may be totally different than another person and I'm not seeking to lose the most weight the fastest, but I am going to be a healthier person at the end of that 90 days.  I'm excited about that!  For the first time I feel like I'm ready to commit to that.  It scares me to death that I'll fail, but with support I know I won't!  :)  I'm not committing to a diet.  I'm committing to health challenge. 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

growing up

Sometimes I look at my kids and can't believe how old they are.  Tonight Carlyn and I went to a fireside for kids who will turn 8 and be baptized this year.  Wow.  She barely turned 7 and now they are talking about her getting baptized.  I'm not ready for that! 

This is only a week after she is now in Senor Primary and Darren is now a Sunbeam!  Time is just going by way too fast.  I need a pause button!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

I'm Back! Where did I go?

Okay friends & family, I don't know for sure why I stopped blogging.  At first I think it was just time.  I never realized how busy it would be having a kid in school!  Also, I wanted to put pictures up and our camera was broken, thanks to Darren throwing it across the front room.  Then I got distracted with facebook.  And the games there.  Nobody needs to tell me they are a waste of time.  I know, yet I'm still addicted, but I'm missing keeping in touch with people.  So...I'm going to make an effort to do better. 

What's new in case you haven't heard from us?  Something very new is that Rick will be starting school, hopefully in February and hopefully at Western Governer's.  He is very excited and was hoping to be started by now, but had a hang up. 

Carlyn is in 1st grade and at a different school than Anneliese thanks to her being in the Gifted program in the district.  She also won at her school & region for her Reflections entry which was a 3D image of a girl and her mom flying a kite.  I'll have to post some pictures when I get a chance.  She also participates in the 1st grad book club which we hosted at our house on Friday.  They each have a month assigned when they choose a book and do an activity & snack related to the book.  Carlyn chose Ella Sarah Gets Dressed by Margaret Chodos-Irvine.  We had a tea party and made paper dolls.  She also lost her first tooth and learned how to ride a 2 wheel bike over the summer and then taught Anneliese and two cousins! 

Anneliese, who has told us that she wants us to call her Anneliese and not Annie, is in Kindergarten.  She loves it and loves her teacher, who is about to have a baby so I hope that the change to the substitute isn't hard on her.  She's doing well and beginning to read, but isn't half as confident as her big sister which I hope she can outgrow.  She still loves to dance & draw and is always smiling.  I don't mean to say less about her because she has the middle child syndrome going on enough, but this last year did mean as much change for her. 

Darren is 3 now!  He's in Sunbeams at church and I love his teacher and hope that she'll teach him how to sit still better than I have!  He's driving me crazy because he technically is potty trained, but he just doesn't care if he has an accident.  I've tried treats, stickers, working up to a date with mommy or buying a toy, but nothing seems to work.  I'm trying to be patient but I think I'm failing.  He's getting really good at video games, especially considering how young he is.  And don't forget, he thinks it is just the funniest thing to go cross eyed or burp on cue. 

Charlie is so big!  I can't believe my baby is over 18 months!!!  He thinks he's as big as the other kids too and gets really mad when he can't do something like one of the bigger kids.  That kid can really throw a fit!  He's at the stage where nothing is safe.  I'll hide something up high or where I think he can't reach it and the next thing I know, he has it!  He is super ticklish and has the best laugh ever.  He's in nursery now and seems to love it when he finally gets distracted enough to stop crying.  He's turned into such a Daddy's boy too. 

This last year was also the year to get tonsils out for the Dansies.  Anneliese had hers out in April, Rick in May, and Carlyn in December.  I also had my niece Jaycie the weekend after she had her tonsils out this summer so I really am a pro at helping tonsillectomy patients. 

As for me, I love volunteering in the girls' classes and I also love being a stay at home mom, but I do look forward to the rare date with Rick or girls nights out. I also recently became a consultant for Usborne Books and I do book parties and have a website.  I would love to catch up with any of you in Utah and get you some free books in the process of you having a party.  If you live out of Utah, you can still have a web party, we just wouldn't be able to visit in person.  

This year was the first year when Rick and I got away without kids when we actually left our house!  We went to St. George in October for our 10th Anniversary and just after Christmas for a disaster of a trip (long story) but it was still nice to have that time together. 

I may be forgetting something, but it has been a long week and I really should be in bed.  (9 o'clock church!  Yuck!)  Rick has been sick since before Christmas with a cold & cough and is finally getting better, but has been having muscle spasms in his neck which has made for a really rough week.  Overall we are doing really well and I really just want to stay in touch better.  Love to you all!  

PS, I obviously still have a lot of updating to do, so be patient with me!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009


I did forget to mention that Rick and I had our 9th anniversary in October!  We celebrated by leaving the 3 older kids with my mother in law for the night and we went to Park City.  We ate at the Eating Establishment for dinner and stayed at The Yarrow.  We sat in the hot tub that night.  It was very cold outside, but it wasn't until later that it started snowing and the trip back to Salt Lake was kinda scary due to slick roads and the first snow of the season.  It was so nice and not long enough. :)

Carlyn Tumbling class

Carlyn took a tumbling class that lasted for 6 weeks.  She loves to do backbends, cartwheels, & especially handstands.  I never got a really good picture because she never stopped moving!

Carlyn's 6th Birthday

Of course, it was Carlyn's birthday on November 5th. 
We started with our traditional decorating of the room. 

She wanted a Halloween party and this was the graveyard cake I made. 

They played the mummy wrap game and had a blast. 
Actually, my kids were playing it for days after the party. 

She wanted a costume parade so they went around outside.  It was cool, but not too cold. 

We got a funny book called "Goodnight Goon" from a book order and if you know "Goodnight Moon" you might like it.  Carlyn wanted me to read it to them at the party.  She also wanted me to dress up, thus the devil costume.  She told me she knew I was the devil even before I dressed up :)

Blowing out the candles! 

My favorite.  What a little lady :)  After her friend party Rick's family came over for a party.  That weekend we went to Moroni to my parents for a party there too.

I just thought this was cute because when Charlie was born Josh didn't even want to hold him.  Now they are buddies and Josh seems totally at ease with him. 

One of the rare moments when Darren stops long enough to fall asleep during the day.  In Papa's arms.

Another cake after celebrating with the Utah cousins, Grandma & Grandpa, Mathew & Carisa.

Sharice wanted to paint her face for her birthday.  Looks pretty good and it really makes her eyes look big!

Emily & Lucy's Visit to Utah
She came to Utah just before Thanksgiving and was here for 4 days, so we went to Moroni and had Thanksgiving dinner there on Sunday.  It was really great.  We also had Thanksgiving dinner at Rick's grandma White's house, but silly me didn't take any pictures of that.

Okay, what is cuter than 2 little chubbas together?  They were so funny.  Charlie was born in June and Lucy was born in August so they are just over 2 months apart.  They are just too cute!

My favorite.

Grandma Hilton's Birthday

We celebrated my mom's birthday twice, but I only have pictures of the first time and I was in Moroni with only Charlie.  Rick was really sweet to take the big kids back to Murray so I could have some quality time with my sister while she was here from Texas.  In the above picture is Jayce, Sharice, Charlie, Grandma, Lucy, Evynn, & Aili. 

Carisa, Mathew, Me in back. Emily & Mom in front.  We really missed Barrett and it would have been great to see him, but we still had to get this picture while Em was here.

Dad, Mom, & Grandma Hilton

We were trying to pose him, but he wasn't having it. 

Charlie and the Christmas Tree

Random Pictures

D asleep on Daddy's legs

Charlie loving the Christmas tree lights.  We got it up the day after Thanksgiving this year! 

Dad and Dare asleep.

Grandma Potter loving Charlie.  She gets really frustrated because she can't see, but she keeps saying how cute he is!


Belinda & Josh's wedding
October 21st
It was a beautiful wedding and I was happy to be in the background while the rest of my family got to shine!  Charlie and I were just there to look cute :)  Carlyn was a train girl (holding the train), Annie was a flower girl, Darren was the ring bearer, and Rick took their Dad's place since he passed away years ago and walked her down the aisle and had a dance with her.

Annie and Josh's niece walking down the aisle as flower girls and forgetting to throw the petals.  So cute!

Dashing Darren in a tuxedo.  Too cute for words.  It was covered in chocolate by the end of the night.  Glad it wasn't a rental.  I especially love how he carried the ring pillow. :)

Rick's sweet sister Belinda walking down the aisle on her big brother's arm.  Doesn't he look good in a tux?  If you look closely, you can see Carlyn's head just behind Belinda.  I didn't get a picture of Belinda and Josh, because I wasn't smart enough to have my camera and these were the ones emailed to me.  She was beautiful and so was the wedding.  The kids were great and we had a great time.  We're so happy for them. 

This was the only decent picture of Carlyn.  She was holding the train behind Belinda's dress and looked adorable, but she didn't smile in any of the pictures. 

Charlie growing up

Daddy and Charlie bonding.  They have a cute relationship and he smiles everytime he hears or sees Rick.

He learned to roll over and was sucking his thumb.  AWWW.


Since we call him Charlie Brown, we thought we'd dress him as the great pumpkin.  Just kidding.  A friend gave this to me and it fit perfectly.  He didn't love the hat, but looked adorable anyway.

Carlyn was a Barbie witch.

Darren the monkey boy.  Very fitting.

Tinkerbell Annie.
We had lots of fun at our ward carnival and the library party and watching Carlyn in the school parade for the first time. 

On Halloween Annie wanted to be Snow White, but wanted pink hair like Carlyn, so Carlyn called her Snow Pink.  It was funny.  Her jack-o-lantern got ruined. 

Darren with his spider pumpkin.

Carlyn with her heart pumpkin. (Notice the pink hair?)

Annie's ER trip

Annie went to bed in this under the bed tote that Carlyn's jammies are normally in.  Too funny!  She woke up in the middle of the night screaming from pain on the 30th.  She had a stomach ache so bad she wouldn't stop crying.  We thought she was a little backed up but couldn't get her to go.  Rick finally took her to the ER and spent the night there with her.  They did determine that she had a UTI and that she was really constipated.  Poor kid.  Her infection ended up in her kidneys and the next week we ended up at the doctor's office 3 days for shots.  No fun.